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23 Responses to Barkimonials

  1. Shawn Udovich says:

    Just wanted to take the time to thank John and let everyone know that he is a true professional dog trainer ! He trained me and my 5 month old black lab Mako over the past few weeks. Mako now sits on command, comes when called, and “places” in all sorts of crazy locations. Being a true lab, Mako is very curious and always wants to explore his world, after only 2 classes I was walking him around the neighborhood and even taking him to local parks off-leash !!

    Thank You John !

  2. Tristan Weisenreder says:

    After one too many family gatherings where my bulldog Oliver insisted on jumping on everyone to say hello, my wife and I decided to take the next step and try E-Collar training. We were directed to John through a friend who raved about the great results he had with his own dog after going through the program. After just one lesson with John, we were highly impressed with the results. Our dog Oliver was responded to basic commands, and we saw a major change in behavior at home. Despite being a stubborn dog in the past, Oliver now responds to our commands immediatley, and now understands his place in the household. I can now talk longer leisurely walks with Oliver, as he no longer pulls on the leash the whole way and follows my basic instructions as needed. After 4 lessons of basic obedience training, we were able to correct all of our initial behavioral concerns with Oliver, and it exceeded our expectations well beyond that. I never thought I’d see the day where he would walk by my side off leash, but now I can!

    John is an excellent trainer who explains things clearly as the lessons progress, and makes sure you can perform the training yourself flawlessly on your own. He takes time for questions, and is very prompt with responding to any questions by email as well. I hope to send him a few of my friends and relatives and their dogs in the near future. Thank you John!

  3. Angie Retzlaff says:

    After more than five years with an “out of control” dog, I finally decided I had to do something. My neighbor had used John with great results so I figured it was worth a try. My husband travels frequently and I found my frustration growing as I tried to walk a 75lb dog that could / would literally pull me into the ground and even with a gental leader collar.

    I was somewhat hesitant about the E-collar in the beginning but I trusted John and stuck with it and I am sure glad I did. The E-collar and John’s training have changed my life! I now look forward to walking Bella in our neighborhood. The transformation has been unbelievable. No more pulling, jumping, lunging, etc. My husband was amazed when we walked past Bella’s “nemesis” and I had her completely under control. It was a great feeling!

    Thank you John!

  4. Lola, my chocolate lab, started training with John at the end of February. Before her training, she mistakenly believed that she was in charge and could do whatever she wanted. Since the training, (it has been four months now), she is an almost completely behaved dog (she still has some moments), and we receive very many compliments throughout the neighborhood about how well behaved she is. My husband almost likes her, which is a big step for him. Thank you John.
    Suzanne Geraci

  5. Sean Reitenbach says:

    After a long search of trying to find the absolute best place to train my dog Tucker, I can not express how great John was. Tucker started his training last spring (’12) as a barely year old Black Lab. John right away was able to start connecting with Tucker, and had him responding in no time. Tucker and I learned so much from this class, it has made a world of difference in his obidience. It is relaxing to know I can take him off the leash and still have him under command. I can not understate that not only was John the best trainer I found in the Greater Baltimore/DC Metro Area, but also the best value. I had originally thought about going to Off Leash K-9 Training before John started Lizza’s and I was pleasently surprised when I saw Off Leash K-9 Training raise their prices, and John had his package for over $100 less for the exact same training but even more personal. Another huge part of the training for me was the flexibility. John was understanding as we have to reschudle training sessions more than a couple times, and the training ended up taking almost 6 months, but we were able to work it out and get it done to comply with my busy life style as a full time working professional along with being a part-time lacrosse coach.

    John was excellent in setting the example for how to train the dog and starting the training, and then walking you step by step as you trained the dog yourself.

    If you are looking for a great value, flexible scheduling, and top of the line training; Lizza’s K9 Training is definitely the way to go.


  6. Laura Smith says:

    I just have to tell everyone looking for training for their dog, Lizza’s in the place. Our 2 year old american bull dog mix Bentley had become a nightmare, his behavior was out of control, he was taking our things and guarding them to the point we couldn’t even take them from him. After one listen with John he was no longer taking things and guarding. Once we use the off command he complies right away. He has done so well walking on leash, we are now letting him off leash when we walk with him, it’s wonderful, he knows the commands and complies wonderfully.

    As for John, he was wonderful, always making sure Bentley and me understand each and every training session so once we are home we can succeed. I highly recommend this training program, I wish I would have done it from the start with Bentley. Thank again John.


  7. Seth Pochciol says:

    Great method of training. Not harmful to the dog. Abbey, my chocolate lab, showed amazing improvement after just one lesson. Her jumping up ended right away! Would highly recommend!
    John is great to deal with!

    Ligonier, PA

  8. Matt & Megan says:

    John is by far one of the best trainers around!!!!!! I highly recommend him to anyone that has a dog. He has done wonders with our German Shepherd puppy!! She is just under 7 months old and has no problem going on off leash walks through our neiborhood and flawlessly doing just about anything we ask. We are extremely busy people so we have limited time to work with our dog Mia so this program can work for anyone on any schedule. If you want your dog to be well behaved then Lizza’s is the only way to go!!!

  9. Jeff & April says:

    My wife and I had our hands full with our recently rescued Treeing Walker Coonhound. We were referred to John and Lizza’s Pawsitively Perfect Off-Leash K9 Training through friends of ours that had also gone through the training with their Greater Swiss Mountain dog. The training was phenomenal! Immediately after the first lesson we saw results. The training John provides not only trains your dog, but trains the owner as well. No more constantly repeating commands or yelling the dog’s name. The time we spend with our Brynn is so much more enjoyable, we look forward to playtime, walks and hiking without worrying about our dog running off. Thank you John!

  10. Shelley Purnell says:

    Thanks John for helping me gain a well trained and responsive doberman. Life with an 85lb puppy:
    Exhausting. Life with an 85lb trained puppy by John: PRICELESS! I highly recommend lizza’s k9 training.

  11. Steve Dana says:

    My girlfriend and I had our hands full with two dogs under 1 year old. After four months of doing our own training with treats, we had no real success. One day someone recommended finding an off leash dog trainer. We took their advice and started researching dog trainers. After reading the barkimonials and all of his five star ratings on google, we figured we were in good hands with Lizza’s K-9 Training. John was completely professional in his initial emails and remaining flexible with our schedule for our first lesson. He even played weatherman; promptly letting us know if we needed to postpone. Our dog Stripe was very stubborn. He often refused to come to us when off the leash, barked at other people and dogs, and jumped on people. While we were weary when John introduced the e-collar and explained we would need to use it on Stripe, he made us feel completely comfortable and took his time easing our dog into it. After four weeks, we are here writing this review to testify that Stripe comes after his first call, sits at our feet or at a distance, he also loves to “place” on everything. It’s been a night and day change from a dog with low self esteem to a champion. He walks confidently, he loves to listen to our commands and we actually love to train with him and see him so happy.

    Thank you John for all of the help and support!

    Jamie & Steve

  12. Megan says:

    I don’t think John will ever forget my 1yr. pitt mix Marley. The most stubborn and hard headed dog. At one point John wasn’t sure if his training was going to be good for Marley. After his first session not going well at the tennis court I thought that it would be better at home and I thought I’m not going to give up on this dog. Sure enough the first day of training at home was a huge improvement. John has taught me that a stubborn dog can be broken and trained it just takes time and effort. Sure enough putting those things together each day his behavior gets better and better. Our last session with John was our best session. Learning to heal was our last session, John of course took Marley first and started working with him. Then it was my turn the dog stayed right by my side and watching my every move turning with me at ease. At the very end I was able to slowly drop the leash and the dog was walking beside me without running off. It was awesome!!!! The more training with him I know I will get to the point where he doesn’t need to be walked or ran on a leash anymore. Thanks John again,

  13. Andy says:

    Attended puppy consultation from a family reference. After the positive impact I saw that John made with my Lab/Shep puppy (Willard), I eagerly signed up for the basic obedience package. John thoroughly laid out a structured plan to help myself and Willard execute on a daily routine. Including homework assignments to work on prior to the next class. All in all I learned a tremendous amount about the fundamentals on training as well as tricks based on my dogs behaviour and personality. Something you can’t get in a book or online. Thanks again John for the help!


  14. kristen says:

    When Penny joined our family, we knew we had our hands full. Separation anxiety coupled with her wild ways made for a tough transition. I am so grateful to John for his work with Penny and I. Not only did she learn the commands, but her confidence increased ten-fold, and her willingness to listen generalized across the board. I highly recommend John and hope to return for some fun classes in the future!

  15. Bob Adolph says:

    I took my one year old German Shepherd to John for training. She has been on an e-collar for six months. Having a hundred pound GSD and three cats was very trying in our small home. After the first class my dog Raven was a completely different dog. She was much calmer and very obedient. She now listens to my commands even with distractions in her immediate area. I highly recommend John to help with your training if you want a dog that will listen to you at all times even in high distraction areas. I take Raven with me everywhere I can and that includes work everyday. It took me six months to find the right instructor and John Poole is it. Raven is flawless now and I plan to go to advanced training in the near future. If you want your best friend to be the best dog ever….talk to John.

  16. Barb Awtrey says:

    I started investigation off-leash training when I got fed up with my 1 year old All American dog, Max, walking me! I walk him along with my other two dogs, Fenwick and Annie. Max had already completed basic dog obedience but he really didn’t listen well when we weren’t in a working “session”. He also ate everything! To walk him was a nightmare – he grazed the entire time we walked! I researched off-leash training and was impressed with the reviews on John’s webpage and gave him a call. I was immediately comfortable when he explained his methods and training philosophy. We definitely had the same mind set.
    Our first session was absolutely amazing! John demonstrated how the ecollar worked and whatever fears I had concerning a “shock” collar were completely alleviated! Within minutes Max was responding with a smile and “happy tail”. He was listening and responding! John does a fantastic job explaining, demonstrating and instructing! Every succeeding lesson was more and more impressive – and FUN too! John explains how to transition from the ecollar to a regular collar. Now no chain collar – just his “regular” collar! Immediately after the 1st lesson our walks at the park were fun!!! No problems – no pulling – no eating everything! He just happily trotted along! At home in the yard – and in the house – I have a practically perfect dog! He listens to me and his attention level with me is incredible! It also seems to me that we now have a deeper bond! And now that we’ve completed our 4th lesson – he’s an off-leash dog (not that I don’t get anxious but I’m learning to trust Max and his training) ! I very seldom have to use the “stimulation” button – now he responds to commands and positive enforcement! Looking forward to taking my second dog and continuing our training. Max will start his showing career this fall and I’m confident that John’s training will transition perfectly into the obedience arena! ((See the videos of Max and I at the beginning and end of our 4th session! He couldn’t be more prefect!) Thank you John!!!!

  17. Barb Awtrey says:

    Best of Columbia 2015!!! I’ll BARK to that!!! Well done! We all agree whole heartedly with your award!!!

  18. Karen C says:

    After our first lesson, Charlie already became a better dog as he began to actively listen for the next direction. We knew it would take work on our end with practice in between lessons, but Charlie was up for the challenge. The trainer, John, instilled some basic commands into Charlie, and he quickly picked up the new skills. John did a great job of making sure we understood the proper techniques and was quick to respond to emails when we would have some hiccups in between lessons. We would highly recommend John to anyone looking for a knowledgeable dog trainer, especially ones that are high energy and smart. We will definitely be back for some more advanced training!

    Thank you John!!!!

  19. Jackie Range says:

    Thanks John for taking Wendy under your wing! She still had so much wonderful puppy energy that we didn’t know what to do with it all! You helped us do a better job of keeping her under control, teaching her to listen and respond to commands and ultimately allowed us to feel much more comfortable – particularly with a newborn entering the household. We really appreciate the time you spent with her and care you took with her. We are proud parents seeing her continue to learn and excel 🙂

  20. Terry and Jean Marie Carroll says:

    Thank you John! You’re training with Terry and Jean was a life saver! You’ve built confidence in Dalton we never expected. We can’t thank you enough!

  21. Alex Giordano says:

    Thanks to John, my once crazy, leash-pulling, counter-jumping, run away dog Bentley is now an obedient off leash pup! We still have much more practicing to do, but with the training provided along with the help of the e-collar, Bentley is on his way to pure freedom. These lessons were without a doubt well worth the money and time. I didn’t think it was possible for my GSP to ever be trusted on or off leash! I am truly amazed and grateful for finding John on Google and deciding to go through with his lessons! He is a great guy who has flexible scheduling, time for questions/concerns, and he won’t break your bank, unlike some other places I’ve contacted for help! Thanks for all that you have done!
    -Alex Giordano & Jason Noss

  22. Alise says:

    John is an incredible dog trainer! We were having some challenges (play biting, jumping up) with our beloved high-energy rescue dog and John was able to help us with all of them. My husband and I were initially skeptical of the e-collar method but it worked wonders and now we are able to let our dog play off-leash at the park. Harper is a much happier free-range dog because of this training and we are forever grateful!

  23. Lakiesha Brown says:

    My wife and I found out about this training through my colleague. We have a 1 year old pit bull, named Ginger who we’ve gotten months ago. We knew she needed some training and we had no clue where to start.

    We contacted John and started immediately. Ginger did great with the trainings. She caught on very fast. I was very surprised!

    This training has really saved our lives. Ginger doesn’t focus on the distractions as she use to. She can actually sit on the porch now without leash, trying to run after everyone. We go on walked without the leash. She sits and wait for the command and actually listens.

    This training was the best. I recommend it to anyone with a dog!

    Thank you so much John

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