About the Business

Lizza’s Pawsitively Perfect Off-Leash K9 Training, LLC provides experienced off-leash dog training and obedience lessons in Columbia, Maryland. John Poole, Owner and Head Trainer, specializes in e-collar training through the use of private one-on-one lessons. John has a background working with dogs from numerous military and law enforcement agencies, and uses these same highly effective techniques to train your dog.

Dog obedience problems often stem from a lack of communication, lack of clear boundary setting, and lack of consistent discipline. John teaches you how to train your dog using a humane approach to dog obedience training. These training techniques allow you to communicate effectively with your pet, so that your dog clearly understands what you want and expect. The lessons are not only about teaching your dog commands, but also about building a lasting partnership between you and your dog. Dog behavior consultations are also given in order to teach you how to understand your dog so you both live a much happier life.

John acts as your coach while working with your dog on and off-leash, and then shows you how to get the exact same results. His obedience training produces off leash dogs that respond with speed and precision, even in high distraction situations. By the time your dog finishes here, you should be willing to loosen the leash and even take off the leash completely, allowing your dog to follow their nose and run free.

As of February 2018 I decided to dissolve this LLC. I am no longer training dogs as a business but now more so as a hobby. Thank you for all the support over the last 8 years.

About the Trainer

John Poole (Owner/Head Trainer)

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I am originally from a small rural area outside the town of Latrobe, Pennsylvania. I grew up with what I like to refer to as “free range” dogs. These dogs were not bound to a leash, chain, or pen. They had the opportunity to venture out from their owners home to enjoy open space, personal freedom, and to come and go as they please.

After graduating from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, I spent the next 3 years working as a Federal Police Officer with the Department of Defense. During this time I worked and trained with Apprehension and Bomb Detection dogs.

I rescued a dog named Lizza when she was one year old from Mutts Matter Rescue out of Rockville, Maryland. I saved her life and she forever changed mine. I enrolled her in Off-Leash K9 Training, LLC located in Northern Virginia. I wanted an off leash dog like the ones I grew up around, but demonstrated an obedience level like the ones I worked with. I began to apply the same principles and training to Lizza and she learned fast. I was amazed at the results of this specific style of training through the use of an e-collar in such a short amount of time. I started an apprenticeship with Off-Leash K9 Training, and then opened my own location in Columbia, Maryland. I spent over a year as a member of the Off Leash K9 Training Team. I realized it was time to take the next step in regards to being a small business owner and started a company of my own. Lizza’s Pawsitively Perfect Off-Leash K9 Training, LLC began in 2010. The business of course, named after my dog. She is the one who made all this possible, so it was only fair to give her the credit.

When not training dogs, I work full-time for a private consulting company in the Washington D.C. metro area. I am an avid traveler, explorer, and adventure enthusiast, trekking all over the world. I enjoy rock climbing, snowboarding and spend a lot of time soaking up the sun with Lizza.


About Lizza

Lizza was born July 21 2009 in South Carolina. Her exact story is unknown as is her breed. I was told she could be an American Foxhound/Beagle mix but that’s just a guess. She was fostered by a woman who told me that Lizza was the sweetest and most easy-going dog she had ever looked after. After going through the adoption process with Mutts Matter Rescue and her foster mom, I essentially was awarded Lizza. Many people requested her but they only give dogs to those who they feel are the perfect match. She arrived in Maryland in true rock star fashion on a giant tour bus full of dogs. It took only a few seconds for a sniff of my hand and look into my eyes to know that we were meant for each other. Since that day she has always been at my side.



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